Over the years we have worked with some of the most recognised names in the music industry as well as key figures and management and respected record labels. Here is what a few people said about Manilla PR Ltd over the last few years...

“Quite simply, Tony and Manilla PR  are the most comprehensive service in the area they work in. Reports arrive on Fridays without fail always fully updated and they cover such a lot of ground. Wholly honest, hardworking and reliable which is fairly rare in the areas of PR and promotions in my experience.”

David Jaymes : IRL Records

"Easily the best PR I’ve worked with to date in terms of just feeling like there’s a lot going on, buzz, and just general communication."

Stephen McLaren : Errrant Media Records

"Attention to detail, superb customer service, real understanding of musicians and responsive to our business needs"

John Billett JBGB Events

"I've had a great last 5 years with my music, it's no coincidence that's when Manilla PR began looking after me"

Ian Prowse

"Tony & the Manilla PR team consistently go above and beyond."

Nick Tarbitt : Integrity Records

"I find Manilla PR to be very supportive, responsive, proactive, professional, I could not imagine working with another PR company and I highly recommend them" 

Beverley Folk Festival

"We've worked with Tony and Denise for a number of years and they're a joy to work with. They always have constructive suggestions for a campaign, work really hard and get great results. It's a pleasure to have them on our team'

Kerry Harvey Piper : Red Grape Management

"Manilla PR has been invaluable to our efforts in breaking new Irish artists in the UK market."

Alan Hennessy, Crashed Music

"We love working with Tony and Manilla PR. They get things done and, possibly even more useful to us, they keep us informed at every step so our team is able to capitalise on plays, mentions and interviews."

Louisa Scott :Make My Day Ltd

"Great service across different genres"

Big Bed Records

"Manilla PR are a pleasure to work with. A very professional company who I would recommend to any artist looking for a great PR company to employ. "

Elles Bailey

"Their reputation within the industry has also helped to secure important reviews published in several serous music magazines such as Maverick and Blues Matters. All done with gracious, good humour and unfailing support. Tony and his team have a hands on approach which for me as an emerging artist is very important. I feel in very safe hands."

Graham J

"Tony and his team are not only extremely professional, well-organised and efficient, but also very kind people and easy to work with - I feel they truly care about the success of their artists." 

Lena Laki

"Manilla PR have been amazing for our label, getting our artists much more exposure and many more opportunities than we could ever have hoped for.  If PR is a necessity, Manilla are the standard.

Mr John - Infinite Hive Music, Edinburgh

Best Radio Plugger - Chamber of Commerce Awards 2021

Leading Music PR Company - Euro Enterprise Awards 2020

Best Festival Promoters - UK Enterprise Awards 2020

Best in PR & Communication - CV Magazine 2019

Leaders in Radio Plugging - Global Excellence Awards 2017

Best Media PR Agency - Yorks Enterprise Awards 2017